Abbotsbury Railway Station

Abbotsbury Railway Station

Abbotsbury was the terminus of the Abbotsbury branch railway in the west of the English county of Dorset. Serving the village of Abbotsbury, it was sited across the fields a mile from the village on the Weymouth to Abbotsbury road, because the railway could not buy the land needed to build the station nearer to the village. Plans for westward expansion came to nothing and led to the railway petering out in a shallow cutting to the west of the station.

Opened by the Abbotsbury Railway Company in 1885, it was operated from the start by the Great Western Railway. The line then passed on to the Western Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.

The station building has now been replaced with a private dwelling although the platform remains underneath the length of the building.

The station makes short appearances in the Powell and Pressburger film The Small Back Room.

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