Nelson Dock Pier, London

Nelson Dock Pier, London

Nelson Dock Pier is the official name of a pier on the south bank of the River Thames in Rotherhithe, London, UK. It lies to the south of Columbia Wharf.


The pier is served by the Canary Wharf – Rotherhithe Ferry, operated by Thames Clipper, which crosses the Thames to the Canary Wharf business district. Boats operate roughly every 10 minutes, and can be used both by guests of the hotel as well as by passengers not staying at the hotel.

The service is operated by Thames Clippers, who also operate a water-bus service along the river, but this uses much smaller boats.


The pier was designed by Beckett Rankine and constructed by Downtown Marine Construction, the architect was Price and Cullen. The pier is named after the Nelson Dock, a 17th-century dry dock which was used for shipbuilding until 1968. The dock is not thought to have been named after Horatio Nelson, in spite of his historical connections to the area. The dock is now home to the ship ‘La Dame de Serk’ which was built by the French Navy as a motor training vessel.

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